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We do code modernization.

We have been creating IT solutions for 18 years to modernize legacy systems & allow them to be independent of any proprietary environment.

Legacy compilers, what we believe…

Having a COBOL or a PL/I past shouldn’t force you to build more COBOL and PL/I code forever. With a modern compiler for obsolescent languages, you can take your applications off of the mainframe, run on a Windows platform and develop new programs seamlessly in C# in an integrated Visual Studio environment.

With our technologies, none of the mainframe’s pitfalls, like CICS, DB2 or JCL, can prevent you from migrating to a .NET core.

We automate you out of proprietary environments

We think that a workable solution for leaving a proprietary environment and/or database like Pacbase or Datacom is an automated migration of your applications to a destination platform without any adherence to a tool, ever.

Migration Projects

Migration projects are more than IT business as usual, as they can be disruptive, complex and risky to ongoing operations. We go beyond delivering a set of tools to do the job. We leverage your existing team and delivery partners to turn your modernization project into a successful migration.


  1. Never change the existing code if you can avoid doing so
  2. Develop more and maintain less
  3. All transition scenarios have to be supported to guarantee 99. 9% availability for business critical applications:
    • Staged rehosting
    • Reversibility and parallel execution
  4. Don’t change the user look and feel of existing programs when they are rehosted to another platform so that no training is needed (minimize risk and complexity)

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