Working at Raincode

Contribute in building state-of-the-art technology

Focusing on Mainframe to .NET, Raincode designs and produces rehosting solutions for legacy systems for .NET and Azure platforms. We provide programming language analysis and transformation tools, and by doing so, we take IT to the next level, way beyond conventional application programming.

Working at Raincode- hard work

What’s it like working for Raincode?

We are irreverent, unconventional, not corporate… We don’t like BMWs, we cherish privacy (we work with social networks, we do not feed GOFA or MS deliberately). We like food, drinks, everything that make us laugh and anything that thrills. We love LIFE!…What else… Yes… Chocolate… Very important good chocolate.

Be prepared to be surrounded by colleagues driven by the quest for excellence, your common wisdom will be questioned again and again. Because it is common for sure, but not always wise.

But don’t be too prepared either. Because no matter how much you prepare, you’ll always end up being surprised.

Contact us and we’ll talk about projects, money and fun.

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