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Focusing on innovation and excellence, Raincode designs and produces rehosting solutions for legacy systems for .NET and Azure platforms. Raincode is technology driven. We provide programming language analysis and transformation tools, and by doing so, we take IT to the next level, way beyond conventional application programming.

Working at Raincode- hard work

A cutting-edge, challenging, technology-driven environment

Be prepared to challenge yourself in a company that spends 50% of its budget on R&D.

Be prepared to be surrounded by colleagues driven by the quest for excellence, colleagues that may teach you a thing or two.

Be prepared to see common wisdom questioned again and again. Because it is common for sure, but not always wise.

But don’t be too prepared either. Because no matter how much you prepare, you’ll always end up being surprised.

We’ve provided a cutting-edge, relaxed and multicultural work atmosphere since 1998. We’re based in Brussels and active all over the world.

Raincode is an unconventional company on many levels and we’re proud of it.

Send us a message and we’ll talk about projects, money and fun.



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