Datacom: Data Migration

Data Migration with RaincodeData Migration

The DataKom toolset addresses data migration, taking all the aspects of this issue into account:

  • EBCDIC to ASCII conversion if necessary, taking the original codepage into account
  • Data cleansing, specified centrally in the data dictionary rather than coded ad hoc in migration programs
  • Sorting and deduplication if necessary
  • COBOL REDEFINE clauses are taken into account, using a default heuristic, that can be overridden locally or globally

The DataKom data migration toolset allows for versatile database schema operations, such as synthesizing one or more Datacom column as dates in SQL, deciding whether a specific column contains binary data or should go through an EBCDIC to ASCII conversion.

Data migration

Data dictionary

DataKom includes a complete data dictionary management system, which can be initially populated with the original CA-Datacom data dictionaries, and which drives the entire migration process (including data migration, code translation, etc.).

A graphical user-interface is provided to ease data dictionary management jobs, such as:

  • Overriding the default behavior when mapping CA-Datacom concepts to SQL (Table and column names, data types, etc.)
  • Reverse engineering dates, so that the resulting SQL database is more semantically accurate.
  • Specifying the data cleansing process, on a field by field or table by table basis
  • Creating new tables, indexes, elements, etc.


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