Mainframe to .NET

Your company’s applications and data have probably depended on a mainframe for many years now. Maybe thirty years, maybe even more. Have you ever evaluated how much this mainframe costs your organization every year?

We have.
For an average mainframe of 4000 MIPS, you spend between 6 and 16 million dollars, each year. It’s a lot of money for hard-to-maintain legacy code, on an outdated and inflexible machine. Besides, qualified developers are hard to find… Do you think that the situation will get better in the coming years? We don’t.

Pretty annoying, isn’t it? At Raincode, we’re very aware of this. And for the last 15 years, we’ve been working to help companies like yours get away from their mainframe. We’ve rehosted their legacy applications on a cheaper, more modern and more flexible platform, using a 100% automated, fast and secure process.

Raincode PL1

The PL/I legacy compiler for .NET

Raincode COBOL

The COBOL legacy compiler

Raincode QIX

The CICS® emulator for .NET


Download our FREE COBOL compiler

Mainframe to .NET

Our legacy compilers support mainframe PL/I & COBOL syntax, data types and behavior. Applications can be migrated seamlessly and the Visual Studio plug-in provides a comfortable and productive development environment.

Our Mainframe to .NET solution moves your legacy code off the mainframe and integrate it in a full .NET infrastructure.

  • Save money by running legacy applications on a much more affordable and more flexible platform
  • Access DB/2 on the mainframe or move your data to SQL Server with no changes to your programs
  • Integrate your existing legacy components in new code written in VB.NET or C#
  • Get our free COBOL Compiler!


Raincode Legacy Compilers support most mainframe PL/I and COBOL idiosyncrasies, allowing for smooth migration while providing a productive development environment through Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE.

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DB2®, CICS® are registered trademarks of International Business Machines.

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