Legacy Compilers: Features

Raincode Legacy Compiler features

The Raincode Legacy Compilers for PL/I and COBOL provide full support for legacy code.

Here are some features shared by the two compilers:

  • Generate fully managed .NET code for framework 4.5.1 and beyond in 32- and 64-bit mode
  • Support for all data types
  • Extensive support for built-ins with full configurability
  • Strict emulation of the physical characteristics of data types to ensure functional equivalence, even for programs relying on integer bit ordering
  • Embedded SQL and CICS statements recognized at the compiler level, without requiring an external precompiler
  • Text I/O and formatting
  • Sequential and indexed file access through the industry standard EXTFH interface
  • Visual Studio 2017 plug-in
  • The interface manager maps symbols accessed from within COBOL programs (assembler routines, system calls) to .NET symbols, with type conversions and marshaling if needed
  • Populate a repository for call graphs, statistics and more portfolio analysis tasks.

EBCDIC support


The Raincode Repository

raincode repository

Raincode Stack is a mainframe rehosting solution to move your legacy code off the mainframe, and integrate it in a full .NET infrastructure.

Raincode .NET integration

raincode .net integration

Find out how to:
• Create a new C# class library project
• Use generated helper classes to leverage C# in your COBOL code
• Import the generated class in the C# project


More videos on Raincode Legacy Compilers’ features:

Raincode Videos

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