Mission Statement

Raincode’s Mission

Raincode helps large, mature companies automatically modernize their old code, to run it on 21st century technology.


Legacy systems are not merely appliances to many organizations. They actually define them in terms of their market position and their ability to compete. The organizations wouldn’t survive the disappearance of these systems.

Everything we do at Raincode is based on the firm belief that the systems are here to stay.

But as requirements evolve, systems become less flexible and more expensive to maintain. That’s a challenge we love to take on and have taken up for companies and institutions all over the world.

Because of volume and criticality, gallery-img4Raincode is committed to fully automated processes.

We believe that this is the way to go and have developed the technology to make it happen in all the markets we address.

Raincode maintains a balance between a past that cannot be changed and a future that must. Our first priority is to secure the components that have constituted true value for your organization over the years.

With Raincode, your system will run in a cheaper environment. And that’s just the side effect. Your major gain will be the improved flexibility and productivity of your system.

Our commitment to automation and transparency ensures that even the largest and most complex portfolios will be migrated as smoothly as possible.




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