mBank choisit Raincode

mBank choisit Raincode pour rehoster ses applicatifs COBOL dans .NET mBank, banque de détail polonaise, a fait appel à Raincode pour assurer la migration de ses applications mainframe COBOL sur la plateforme Microsoft .NET. Sur le marché polonais, mBank est la troisième banque de détail. Parmi les plus innovatrices, elle enregistre un million d’utilisateurs actifs de ses applications mobiles, et sert 5 millions de clients au travers d’un réseau de 130 agences de détail et 47 agences pour entreprises. Pour

mBank chooses Raincode

mBank chooses Raincode to support the rehosting of its COBOL applications to the .NET platform mBank chooses Raincode, the specialist of the Mainframe migration, to rehost their mainframe COBOL applications to the .NET platform mBank, the 3rd largest retail bank in Poland, runs a mainframe, together with a large customized developed system written in COBOL, using DB2 for the database. To reduce cost, improve flexibility and extend this systems’ lifetime, mBank started a rehosting project aimed at moving Accenture’s Altamira

We’re looking for a Liaison Officer!

Raincode is looking for a Software Engineer for compiler and emulation technologies for a Liaison Officer opening. At Raincode’s, the liaison officer is responsible for the successful deployment of our tools in customer projects. He/she is both the customer’s representative to the tools development team, and Raincode’s representative to the customer’s technical team. The liaison officer keeps track of pending open issues, and assesses their criticality together with the customer. He/she is trained specifically to be able to operate on the

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