Press Release – PACBASE Migration

Press Release – PACBASE Migration

RainCode’s PACBASE migration solution provides the ultimate level of flexibility when it comes to dealing with the data dictionary. It can and has been deployed using mere copybooks to manage reusable data structures centrally; or together with a CASE tool for data modeling. But it is then the CASE you choose, not a product we force upon you.

At the meeting at the French PACBASE user group (le Guépard,, a customer will testify and detail the complete solution that has been implemented to move the data dictionary to an off-the-shelf CASE tool for centralized management. This meeting will take place in Paris, on 11th of December.

Call us for references. Real people from real companies and real testimonies. From the real world.

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For sales information contact Philippe Fraysse : +33 6 7347 8171 –

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