Press Release – PACBASE Migration

Press Release – PACBASE Migration

100% automation as a competitive advantage.

Automation saves time, and thereby, reduces the cost of migration projects. However, the most dramatic improvement in efficiency comes when full automation is achieved. When the migration process is free of any manual intervention, even the most minor and mundane ones, results are guaranteed to be intrinsically and absolutely consistent.

Testing can then become far more efficient since the transformations are applied deterministically. Across the board testing to care for manually introduced error is no longer required. Using RainCode’s specially designed testing strategy for such migration projects, the cost of testing can be reduced by full orders of magnitude, contributing greatly to the business case at hand.
RainCode’s migration solution is the most effective way of dealing with even the largest PACBASE portfolios. It is fully automated. Not 95%, nor 99%, but an uncompromising 100%, delivering top quality for the lowest possible price.

Call us for references. Real people from real companies and real testimonies. From the real world.

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