Press Release: Raincode supports MAAF for its PACBASE migration.

Press Release: Raincode supports MAAF for its PACBASE migration.

PACBASE is a software engineering workshop made by CGI in the 70s and bought by IBM. While the installed base of PACBASE users includes some large American accounts it is concentrated in the European market, specifically in France and in Spain, where many prestigious companies depend on it for critical business applications.

After postponing several times, the end of PACBASE support has been set to 2015. This deadline is crucial because it forces these companies to migrate “core business” legacy applications critical to their business.

The solution chosen by MAAF to answer the issue is based on 3 fundamental elements, in the area of the PUMA program (Urbanization Modernization and Agility):

  • A modern, open and Eclipse based software development workplace
  • A data repository which resumes the PACBASE data dictionary
  • The integral code restructuration of the generated code of the Raincode Solution.

This coherent and entire eco-system, named by MAAF “Studio Z”, has been delivered to the developers since mid-November 2012 enabling them to realize new development within the migrated repositories.

Positive feedback continues to be seen and MAAF clearly intends to address the goal of increased productivity.

Most of the PACBASE legacy of MAAF (95%) will have been restructured by the end of 2012 and will be delivered to the users January 2013.

Multiple plugins and components have been integrated and tested maximizing efficiency both for new development and for maintenance of existing restructured applications.

Additionally, MAAF “Studio Z” has been conceived to interconnect the other Studios of the PUMA program, including the Studio @ for the implementation of the SOA target architecture.

In December 2012, MAAF will present details of the progress regarding the migration project and the resumption of the dictionary during the Guépard meeting (PACBASE user group in France).


About MAAF

MAAF Assurances is a French mutual insurance, governed by the Insurance Code. With more than 7000 employees and 4 million customers, MAAF is the 4th bigger car insurer and the 5th home insurer in France. Originally created by and for the artisans, MAAF has partnered with the French Professional world for more than 60 years.

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About Raincode

Raincode is a company specialized in compilers and programming languages. Based in Brussels, Belgium and recently in the US, and having customers all around the world, Raincode provides a PACBASE Migration solution which is fully automated, among other legacy modernization solutions.



RainCode supports MAAF for its PACBASE migration


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