Features of the Raincode Checker

The user-interface of the Raincode Checker is now available as a stand-alone tool, or as an Eclipse plugin. This replaces the aging Swing-based user-interface while retaining its most valuable property, namely, its availability on every mainstream platform.

The RainCode Checker Eclipse plugin

When used as a plugin, the Raincode Checker integrates with your favorite Eclipse-based IDE. You are not forced to learn yet another environment to be able to interactively manage your coding guidelines and projects. Using Eclipse’s versatile plugin architecture, it smoothly integrates with your existing development environment.

Many functions are available at your fingertips

When used from within Eclipse, a number of functions are available at your fingertips, including:

  • Checking a set of files, while navigating though the violations, your rules as well as your source files;
  • Displaying statistics about the checking runs you have performed;
  • Exporting violation reports;
  • Managing the rules and associated regression tests;
  • Disable a rule locally.

Persistence is now provided by a relational database (SQLite, MySQL, Oracle or other). The results of multiple checking campaigns, by one or more users, can be accumulated, and queried using ad hoc tools.

Such queries can be used to measure trends, evaluate whether overall quality is improving or getting worse, etc. The data model is pristine, and even the most sophisticated questions regarding your coding guidelines compliance over time can be answered in a matter of minutes at most.

A fully automated wizard is available to import your old projects

The command-line behavior as available on the previous versions of the checker is still supported, the only notable difference being the parameters to control the database connection.


A fully automated wizard is available, to make the migration of your existing code checking projects to the latest version of the Raincode Checker as seamless as possible.

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