Raincode new website

Raincode new website

Raincode, the leading supplier of programming language analysis and transformation tools for numerous markets, including software metrics, quality control, coding guidelines enforcement and migrations, is proud to present its newly redesigned website.

You can now find all needed information to make a wise choice for your technical solutions on the legacy products on one unique place : Raincode.com.

Check out our different solutions and products:

Raincode Legacy Compilers suite is a rehosting solution to move your legacy code off the mainframe, and integrate it in a full .NET infrastructure. Checkout the Raincode PL/1 compiler, the Raincode COBOL compiler and the QIX emulator.

The PACBASE migration solution provided by Raincode allows organizations to maintain the value of large PACBASE portfolios in a risk-free migration project. The legacy application is then free from any dependency on any proprietary tool or technology.

Datakom 360 is the integrated solution to migrate your system from CA-Datacom®. Code, Data, Target Platform and Services. No surprises : All is included.

The Raincode Checker revolutionize the automatic verification of coding guidelines. It ensures that coding standards are followed consistently in software development projects.



You want to know more about Raincode’s PACBASE Migration?logo_pacbase_migration_raincode_blog[1] Read the shifted notes on the blog PACBASE Migration.



In parallel, you can follow the fresh news on our Twitter accounts :




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