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Bug Tracking – Dashboard

The Raincode Legacy Compilers’ Bug Tracking Dashboard displays information that you may find useful for monitoring bug activity for your project. The dashboard includes the following charts:

  • Bug occurrence frequency statistics are used to indicate how often a bug propagates itself. This can vary depending on circumstances and inputs. The frequency descriptions available are:
    • Always – The bug is always present, whatever the circumstances
    • Often – The bug appears most of the time
    • Sometimes – The bug isn’t present most of the time
    • Unreproducible – It happened once, but the user couldn’t get it to happen again.
  • The rate at which the team is finding, resolving, and closing your project’s bugs over time
  • The number of bugs by severity over time. Severity is an indicator of the seriousness of the bug:
    • Enhancement – When it’s not a real bug, but a feature you would like to see added to the Raincode Bugtracking Facility
    • Minor – A small annoyance, like a spelling mistake
    • Major – A serious product malfunction
    • Severe – A bug that prevents you from using the product: it crashes the application, causes data loss or serious memory leaks
    • Blocking – It’s critical and must be fixed
  • The number of active bugs assigned to each project team member.


  • Click the Dashboard link on the Bugtracking Facility page (Figure 3). The Dashboard page will appear.

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Figure 4 Raincode Bugtracking Facility – Dashboard page

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