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Bug Tracking – My Open Reports

Open bug reports are bug reports that have been reported and are under investigation; therefore, the reported bugs have not been fixed to date. You can view your open bug reports at any time.


  1. Click the My Open Reports link on the Bugtracking Facility page. Your open bug reports will appear, showing a list of your open bug reports.


Reporting error on Raincode Online: procedure 8Raincode Bugtracking Facility – My Open Reports


Your open reports appear in a table, one report per row. The report information is provided under several clickable columns, namely:

  • Id – The identification number generated by Raincode’s Bugtracking Facility for the bug report at point of entry, which is also a link to the bug report
  • Summary – A brief summary of the report as entered on the Bug Report page
  • Product – The name of the affected product (project)
  • Version – The version number of the product (project)
  • FixVersion – The version number of the fixed version of the product (project); that is, the version where the bug has been fixed
  • Status – The current status of the bug report:
    • New – Newly created report
    • Need User Input – Developer requires more information from the customer to continue working on this report
    • Accepted – Report has been reviewed and accepted for further processing
    • Assigned – Developer has been assigned to handle the bug report
    • Delayed – Bug report has been accepted, but the resolution is delayed
    • Processing – Developer is currently processing the bug report
    • Ready to Ship – Bug report has been resolved. The fix will be available in the next release
    • Need User Acceptance – Fix has been shipped but still needs the user‘s acceptance to formally close it
    • Resolved – Bug report has been resolved
    • Stalled – Indicates that no more improvements have been detected on the bug report for a long time
    • Duplicate – Another bug report has been found about the same issue. The other report takes precedence
    • Invalid – The report has been rejected for some reason
  • Assigned to – The name of the person assigned to fix the bug
  • LastCommentDate – The date when the most recent comment was entered for the bug.
  • resolved


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