Reporting Errors: Procedure

Bugtracking Facility

The Raincode Bugtracking Facility is available via Raincode’s Raincode Online web page:

You must be set up by Raincode or by your organization’s Raincode Legacy Compilers’ System Administrator to be able to use the Raincode Bugtracking Facility online.

If you have an account, you can login immediately. If you are a new user, you will have to set up a new account. If you already have an account but forgot your password, you can request a temporary password. Please note that this password will only be valid for 24 hours and will be disabled after your first login to the site.

This is the main interface for tracking bugs related to our products or to a project you ordered with us. The bug tracking facility provides an easy and efficient way to interact with our developers.

To report and track the progress of bugs encountered while using the Raincode Legacy Compilers, please take the following steps.


Login to the Raincode Bugtracking Facility using the Raincode Online page.

Reporting error on Raincode Online: procedure

Figure 1 Raincode Bugtracking Facility – Raincode Online page

Please don’t forget to log out completely once you’re done using the Log out button provided.

The Raincode Legacy Compilers’ Welcome to Raincode Legacy Compilers Online page will appear.

Reporting error on Raincode Online: procedure 2

Figure 2 Raincode Bugtracking Facility – Welcome to Raincode Legacy Compilers Online page

  • Click on the Bug Tracking link in the Menu pane. The Menu pane will expand to give you more options.
    Reporting error on Raincode Online: procedure 3

Figure 3 Raincode Bugtracking Facility – Bugtracking Facility page

The Raincode Bugtracking Facility provides the following main options to enable you, and Raincode, to manage your bug reporting efficiently:

  • Dashboard
  • Search Report
  • My Open Reports
  • My Closed Reports
  • Recently Reported
  • Recently Solved
  • Report a Bug
  • Feature Request
  • FAQs
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