Errors: Search Report

Bug Tracking – Search Report

You can search the Raincode Legacy Compilers reported bugs database for known bugs using the search options provided. You can also add comments to any existing bug reports, all described below.


  1. Click the Search Report link on the Bugtracking Facility page. The Search a Report page will appear
  2. Reporting error on Raincode Online: procedure 5Raincode Bugtracking Facility – Search a Report page

  3. Enter the relevant text in the Text box to find the existing Raincode Legacy Compilers bug report database
  4. Select the relevant product (project) from the Product drop-down list
  5. Select the relevant status of the bug from the Status drop-down list:
  6. New – Newly created report
  7. You can select or deselect the Negated? checkbox to invert the status of the project you chose from the Status drop-down list described above – e.g. where you select “Resolved” from the Status drop-down list, Raincode’s Bugtracking Facility will only search for unresolved bugs and will not display resolved bugs
  8. Enter the product (project) version number in the Fixed Version box – this is the product (project) version number in which the reported bug has been resolved
  9. Select the relevant option (e.g. “Date”) to sort the display of bugs from the Order By drop-down list
  10. Select the relevant option (e.g. “Product”) to sort the display of bugs from the Group By drop-down list
  11. Click the OK button to process the search that will display the bug report based on all or any of the criteria you entered. If you wish to redo your criteria selection from scratch, you can click on the Reset button to clear your selections and start afresh.
  12. Raincode Legacy Compilers will display the list of bug reports that match your selection, at the bottom of the Search a Report page as shown below.

    Reporting error on Raincode Online: procedure 6Raincode Bugtracking Facility – Bug report search results

    You can click on any of the listed bug reports and the relevant Bug Report page will appear.

  13. On the Bug Report page, you can click the Reply button to type a comment about the bug. The Add a Comment page will appear
  14. Click the Submit button on the Add a Comment page to send your comment. It will be added to the bug report for review by the appointed reviewer.

Reporting error on Raincode Online: procedure 7Figure 7 Add a Comment page

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