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mBank choisit Raincode

mBank choisit Raincode pour rehoster ses applicatifs COBOL dans .NET mBank, banque de détail polonaise, a fait appel à Raincode pour assurer la migration de ses applications mainframe COBOL sur la plateforme Microsoft .NET. Sur le marché polonais, mBank est la troisième banque de détail. Parmi les plus innovatrices, elle enregistre un million d’utilisateurs actifs

mBank chooses Raincode

mBank chooses Raincode to support the rehosting of its COBOL applications to the .NET platform mBank chooses Raincode, the specialist of the Mainframe migration, to rehost their mainframe COBOL applications to the .NET platform mBank, the 3rd largest retail bank in Poland, runs a mainframe, together with a large customized developed system written in COBOL,

Press Release – PACBASE Migration

While everybody is looking at zOS, what about all the customers that use PACBASE on different, less popular platforms? What about the ones that have not upgraded to the latest release, and that still use older versions ? Or target unusual databases ? RainCode’s migration solution for PACBASE can address these, just as it addresses

Press Release – PACBASE Migration

RainCode’s PACBASE migration solution provides the ultimate level of flexibility when it comes to dealing with the data dictionary. It can and has been deployed using mere copybooks to manage reusable data structures centrally; or together with a CASE tool for data modeling. But it is then the CASE you choose, not a product we

Press Release – PACBASE Migration

RainCode’s PACBASE migration solution is the leader in this market. It has been used to successfully move mission critical portfolios from a proprietary environment to a fully standard one. It is based on a proven technology that has processed over 130 million lines of code and counting. Thanks to its level of automation, it can

Press Release – PACBASE Migration

100% automation as a competitive advantage. Automation saves time, and thereby, reduces the cost of migration projects. However, the most dramatic improvement in efficiency comes when full automation is achieved. When the migration process is free of any manual intervention, even the most minor and mundane ones, results are guaranteed to be intrinsically and absolutely
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