• Generates parsers, which are between 5 and 45 times faster than generic parsers. (See benchmarks)
  • Produces parsers in C, C++, C#, COBOL, Delphi, Java, Ada, and Python.
  • Produces working data structures in the host language, rather than a dynamic and poorly typed generic tree.
  • Since version 2.0.0, XMLBooster generates the code to turn the host language data structures back onto an XML character stream in addition to the parsing intelligence which performs the opposite operation.
  • Produces Swing-based GUIs to edit the XML files or messages, to be used as stand-alone applications or to be integrated as components in larger systems.
  • The XML message to parse can come from a file, a message, a socket, a data structure, etc.
  • Produces naturally validating parsers, far beyond the validation possibilities of DTD’s.
  • An XMLBooster meta-definition can be built out of a DTD or out of a Schema. Besides, XMLBooster can also regenerate a DTD from a meta-definition.
  • Find out about the features of each new release in the change log.


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