The timing given here have been measured on a typically dense XML message (with little text when compared to the number of tags). The input has been parsed repeatedly a large number of times on the same machine and the average parse time for a single message is given.

  • The C++ XML Parser is Apache’s Xerces C++ 2.7.0
  • The Java XML Parser is Apache’s Xerces Java 2.7.1
  • The COBOL compiler used for the benchmark is Fujistu’s freely available COBOL V3.
  • The XML input is parsed from memory to prevent the measurements from being biased by I/O.



Parser Time in millisec.
Xerces CPP, SAX 562
Xerces CPP, DOM 985
Xerces CPP, SAX, Validating 609
Xercess CPP, DOM, Validating 1078
Xerces Java, SAX 1722
Xerces Java, DOM 3157
Xerces Java, SAX, Validating 1879
Xerces Java, DOM, Validating 3326


Parser Time in millisec.
XMLBooster, C 118
XMLBooster, CPP 207
XMLBooster, Java 765
XMLBooster, COBOL 693
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