The Products

XMLBooster exists in three versions:


XMLBoosterLITELogo100XMLBooster Lite is freely available, generates parsers in Java and C#, and supports a restricted set of features. It can also be used to evaluate the tool for other languages. It generates parsers in COBOL, C, C++, Ada and Delphi, but these parsers will scramble the data before transmitting it to the application.

XMLBoosterPROLogo100XMLBooster Pro supports all the features of XMLBooster Lite, but it can also generate code in other languages than Java, and it supports additional, more advanced features.
XMLBoosterGUILogo100XMLBooster GUI is a superset of XMLBooster Pro. It can also generate Swing-based GUI’s from a meta-definition, using the typing and structural information to build a convenient user interface automatically.

Want to see for yourself? Come and download our freely available XMLBooster Lite.

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