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Thinking about mainframe modernization?

Reasons why you should choose Raincode for your migration to the cloud

Big mainframes

Big bang migrations don’t work on mainframes beyond 5,000 MIPS. Raincode delivers the technology for incremental, risk-free projects for mainframes with a much larger number of MIPS.

Endlessly scalable

Don’t be constrained to the limitations of your mainframe. Endlessly scale your mainframe applications in the cloud.

Full spectrum coverage

None of your mainframe code is left behind. Everything from languages to databases is covered.

Single source code

We will never touch your original source code. Your legacy code is not transformed, translated or rewritten, it is compiled

Incremental modernization

During the migration process, we run your code both on the mainframe and in the cloud. At some point, when there are no dependencies left, you will be able to switch off your mainframe