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Evolution – not revolution

Having a COBOL or a PL/I past shouldn’t force you to build more COBOL and PL/I code forever. With a modern compiler for obsolescent languages, you can take your applications off of the mainframe and run them without code transformation; on any cloud with Kubernetes and Dockers, on premise or on hybrid mode, on Linux or on Windows.

Practical thinking

Taking advantage of the .NET Core platform, you will add new functionalities to your existing code in an integrated Visual Studio environment and have your legacy code (COBOL, PL/I and HLASM) interacting gracefully with new modules in C# or any modern language.

For more than 20 years, Raincode modernizes IBM mainframe legacy systems & allow them to be independent of any proprietary environment. With our technologies, you will migrate to any future oriented platform and forget about the mainframe’s pitfalls, like CICS, DB2, IMS or JCL.

Mainframe Migration

Your mainframe migration project is more than IT business as usual: it is disruptive, complex and can be risky to ongoing operations. You need to go beyond a set of tools to do the job. Raincode leverages your existing team and your preferred delivery partners to turn your modernization project into a successful migration.

As we are exclusively focused on the big mainframes, dealing with your complexity of several thousand MiPS is our daily business.


Successful migration projects get recognized internationally for their technical excellence: they deliver on time and on budget achieving what everyone consider as an IT breakthrough. As such SDC in Denmark or mBank in Poland were recognized and awarded by their peers. Raincode proudly delivers them the compilers and services they needed for their success.

What’s in it for you

Modernize large and complex environments

We address the biggest challenge to CIOs; modernizing the core applications of an IBM mainframe. Raincode has a proven expertise in popular business oriented languages (COBOL, CICS, SQL, JCL) as well as more specialized varieties (IMS, PL/I, ASM)..

Keep your existing

With Raincode’s cutting-edge compiler technology, you can keep your current optimized mainframe applications and deploy them on the cloud, allowing you to preserve decades of development, while greatly enhancing performance and flexibility.

Leverage the power of Kubernetes

Use lightweight containers to build, package, and deploy applications on any cloud without rearchitecting. Manage centrally with AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services).


Any cloud • Windows • Linux

The Azure .NET Core world is mostly controlled by Microsoft which insures its backward compatibility over time. It’s a proven success, oriented toward the future with its open source development targeting multi-platform scaled deployments across Windows, Linux, Azure, and the cloud. With Microsoft’s consistent strategy, the evolution of large mainframe legacy portfolios is guaranteed for at least another decade, buying valuable time and securing business continuity.


Internationally Awarded

Success Stories


“Thanks to Raincode’s dedicated support team,we achieved the migration faster and at a much lower cost than expected.”
Daniel Loren, CIO, Pulsen
“Raincode PL/I provided a stunningly fast migration path from zOS to .NET. The transformation was surprisingly painless, and Raincode was always on the ball when it came to support and meeting project deadlines.”
Robert Elgaard, CTO, SDC

“Top D Agents can now calculate insurance premiums while they are face-to-face with the customer without any connection.”

Top Danmark
“Volvo Cars serves millions of car configuration requests daily with a mainframe application ported to Azure.”
Volvo Cars
“The Raincode Liaison Officer that works with us onsite at mBank is definitely an asset— an engineer with deep knowledge of compilation and a direct line of communication to the compiler development team. It accelerated and secured the whole migration.”
Krzysztof Dabrowski, CIO and CTO, mBank
“Pension applications rehosted by Raincode’s COBOL compiler resulted in better service forCzech citizens and dramatically reduced CSSA’s
operational costs.”
Czech Social Security Administration , CSSA

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