Mainframe to .NET Compilers

The Raincode COBOL Compiler

The Raincode COBOL Compiler for .NET and .NET Core
Support IBM mainframe syntax, data type and behavior


The Raincode PL/I Compiler

The only industrial standard PL/I compiler for .NET and .NET Core
Runs your IBM legacy code into .NET or .NET Core

Raincode ASM370

The Raincode ASM Compiler

The Raincode ASM370 compiler for .NET and .NET Core allows you to port, maintain and even debug your assembler code under .NET or .NET Core.

The Raincode JCL Interpreter

The Raincode JCL (Job Control Language) Interpreter is aimed at making the transition to the .NET platform as smooth and as painless as possible.


The Raincode CICS Emulator

Raincode CICS® is an emulator for .NET and Azure platforms. It is the ideal companion for the Raincode COBOL compiler and the Raincode PL/I compiler.

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