For the first issue of “The People Behind”, Charlotte introduces you to Dirk, Liaison Officer on a on-going project abroad.


Hi Dirk, what is it for a wall paper you have?

Dirk: It is a screenshot from a video game I like, called Limbo. I played it quite a lot, I like it. It is a smart platform game, in 2D.


So you like video games… What are your favorite ones?

Hmm… I like platform games and FPS (First Person Shooter). I like to play on my own or in cooperation… If I really had to choose, I’d pick Borderlands, FEZ and Portal 2.


And in those games, do you have an alias?

Yes, I’m Zirk.


Ha ha, clever! When did you start playing video games?

I remember that I liked Doom, when I was about 10, and my parents didn’t like it because it was too graphic… Let’s say I really started to play in the early 00’s.


Beside video games, do you have any hobby or passion?

Actually, Video games are just a hobby. I read more than I play, you know.


You said you started to play 15 years ago, or so. How old does that make you?

I’m 28. I actually got my first job here, at Raincode. I started to work here in October 2009, right after I graduated.


Where are you from?

Brussels. But I spent the first 8 years of my life in Germany.


So you speak German?

No, I went to a Belgian school there… Well, I guess I spoke a little bit of German back then, but not anymore. I have a passive knowledge, let’s say.


What did you study, and where?

I studied Computer Science, at Université Libre de Bruxelles.


Beside video games, what are your hobbies or passion?

Video games are merely a hobby actually. I read more than I play.


What do you read?

Well, classic novels, Anglo-Saxon literature. I never read in French, always in English… I guess I’m traumatized from school, ah ah. Lately, I’ve been reading San Francisco Chronicles… During my holidays in New Zealand, I read, among others, Alice in Wonderlands, by Lewis Carroll and I really appreciated it. It was really similar to the Disney cartoon and easily-read.


Ok. Let’s talk about your job here at Raincode’s and your part as a liaison officer, a crucial role in a project.

Right now, my daily schedule is mainly about liaison officer, 4 days a week. When you work at a client’s office, they report bugs, according their own system. We only work with Raincode Online. I therefore synchronize both systems. I check on bugs, I analyze them, put them in Raincode Online and then Nicolas dispatches them to the in-site team. What I do must be done in the client’s environment, in connection with the servers. And I am in constant communication with Raincode. It is crucial to be on the both sites, regularly. For example, we had once a really peculiar bug. I had to explain it to Nils and it was much easier to do it face-to-face.

So beside that, I also worked a lot on CICS for Raincode. And on the test infrastructure of the Legacy Compilers… It is an internal tool, which ensures the quality of our products.