Release of the new for the free Raincode plugin for all versions of Visual Studio 2015

Raincode released a new plugin for Visual Studio 2015, the latest Microsoft Integrated Development Environment for .NET and Azure platforms. 

A new COBOL plugin

Microsoft Visual Studio is a comprehensive set of development tools. Its latest version, available since July 2015, proposes new functionalities, allowing developers to code on multiple platforms, comfortably and effectively.


Raincode is offering a freely available COBOL compiler, with no license fee nor runtime costs, running on .NET and Azure platforms. The Raincode Plugin is free for all versions of Visual Studio, including Community.




The Raincode plugin for Visual Studio 2015 supports:

  • Color coding
  • Code folding
  • IntelliSense 
  • Automatic completion (variables, labels)
  • Declaration (Go-to definition)
  • Declaration (hover)
  • A debugger and break point
  • Refering of projects C# from COBOL
  • Etc.

The Raincode Stack, gathering the tools for the migration and modernization of legacy applications, supports precisely the mainframe PL/I and COBOL syntax, data types and behavior. Applications can be migrated seamlessly to .NET or Azure platforms and the Visual Studio plugin provides a comfortable and productive development environment. Developers can work on projects combining PL/I, COBOL, CICS and DB2. Thanks to this plugin, it is now possible, to call C# code from COBOL modules and vice versa, to call COBOL code from C# modules.


The Raincode Visual Studio plugin comes freely available with the Raincode Legacy compilers. To download for free the Raincode COBOL compiler, click below: