It has probably been many years since your company’s applications and data depend on a mainframe. Maybe thirty years, maybe even more? Have you ever evaluated how much this mainframe cost your organization, every year?

We have. For an average mainframe of 4000 MIPS, you spend between 6 and 16 million dollars, each year. A lot of money for a hard to maintain legacy code, on an outdated and inflexible machine. Besides, qualified developers are hard to find… Do you think that the situation will get better in the coming years? We don’t.

Pretty annoying, isn’t it? At Raincode, we are plenty aware of this. And for the last 15 years, we have been working to help companies like yours going out of the mainframe. We rehosted their legacy applications on a cheaper, more modern and flexible platform, in a 100% automated, fast and secure process.

With the Raincode Compilers, say hello to today’s and tomorrow’s technologies!