The Raincode Visual Studio plugin allows you to develop COBOL or Pl/I programs within the comfort of the Visual Studio development environment.



Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for the .NET platform. Together with the Raincode Legacy Compilers, the 2015 Visual Studio plugin allows developers to code in C#, calling COBOL or PL/I modules, on the comfort of Microsoft’s environment.

Let’s take a look at a few of the plugin’s features.



Here a some of the features of the Raincode Visual Studio plugin:

  • Qualify
  • Completion
  • Extract
  • Jump
  • Debug

Compiler Integration

Raincode Visual Studio Compilers Integration



The Raincode Legacy compilers fully integrate with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, to allow one to configure the numerous compiler and execution options, such as those controlling SQL database and CICS integration.

The compiler can be invoked from within Visual Studio. Errors found while compiling the source code are displayed in the Error view and a simple click positions the cursor on the offending line in the source file.

Successfully compiled programs can be launched from within the development environment, taking all the parameters controlling the runtime configuration into account.


The Raincode Visual Studio plugin comes freely available with the Raincode Legacy Compilers. To download for free the Raincode COBOL compiler, click below: