The People Behind opens the doors of Raincode’s most valuable employees. That is all of them! Raincode’s team is full of talented, funny and dedicated people. Discover Benoit Ragoen, one of our senior architects!


What brought you to Raincode?

I was offered a job because they were looking for someone who had acquired experience in working with clients and also someone who was familiar with compilers. I think there’s a lot of people with huge talent at Raincode and I was glad to join the team!


Where did you gather client experience?

I was a consultant for 4 years for Data consulting. I worked for several units of Electrabel and also for Belgacom (now Proximus, Belgium biggest telecommunication operator).


What do you prefer while working at Raincode?

Because it is a small and human structure, one can work without the constraint of procedure. Here we can discuss of everything and as an employee I receive more gratitude from my work.

Overall I work with my friends (and it’s a lot of fun!). I knew the Raincode community before being a part of it as an employee.


What’s your favorite joke?

It’s an internal joke here. I always love it when I watch Laurent (one of my colleagues) explain what the “ploum” is. There’s a real one and a false one.


What would you say is your first success ?

When I arrived here, I started working with Boris (other developer) on COBOL renovation. Then I  quickly started working alone on a POC (proof of concept) for SDC in Danemark. This was a first jump into the compilation environment. Then I started working again on renovation. Technically I was quite happy of what I did. Then I started working again on renovation. Technically I was quite happy of what I did.


What was the challenge?   

So renovation is about generating COBOL code and cleaning it so that it is easier to read and contains less duplicates. What Raincode didn’t do is to calculate copy books equivalence. On that basis we can change the inclusions. Now we have this functionality and I’m happy to have contributed in creating it. I also added an automated report generator; this was done for Natixis migration.

When we do a renovation we’re going to change things. Either in the parameters of renovation or in algorithms which are used. We then need to compare the new version with the old one. We need to say if every criteria still suits us, or something has been modified (during the renovation). This allowed the technician in charge to compare and see if anything had changed or not.

This allowed us to gain time because generating a report was equivalent to half a day of work. Now it can be done in 10 min.


What’s Raincode’s main asset compare to the other players in the same field?

We offer quite a unique solution. Our strength relies in our capacity to adapt to our client’s needs.

Another one of our assets is the proximity we have with our clients all along the project. With our liaison officer for example. In many companies the team working on compilers is “protected”. At Raincode there’s none of that. And I think this direct access to technicians working on compilers represents a great asset. For example, when there’s a problem clients can directly contact our technicians. Which reduces considerably the time between the tech team answering the client’s needs and the creation of the solution.  

In our team you can quickly find the expert you need.


With who do you work with?

Yves’ expertise: He can very quickly understand a model and the limitations of a solution. He is capable of understanding very quickly of a project implies theorically and what ressources would be needed to get there. 

And what about Jean-Eric?

There’s few things he doesn’t know. He is rarely surprised by new challenges. It’s such a safety net to work with him.


And Darius?

His imagination. He doesn’t see problems. He always envisions solutions and not problems. When there’s a challenge you’re facing he motivates you to go forward always to reach our goal.