Following the demo last November of Raincode’s ASM370 at SLE Conference in Amsterdam, where the introduction of the IBM High Level Assembler was done, Raincode invites you on February 3rd to its webinar.




What can you expect of this webinar?

  • Execution of a real-world industrial assembler application migrated with our solution
  • Fine-grained, per instruction, mixing of compilation and emulation
  • Direct inclusion of targer platform .NET code in the assembler program

Description of the ASM370 Interpreter

IBM’s High Level Assembler (HLASM) is a low level programming language for z/Architecture mainframe computers. Many legacy codebases contain large fractions written in HLASM for various reasons, and such components usually had to be manually rewritten in COBOL or PL/I before migration to a modern framework could take place.


Now, the Raincode ASM370 Compiler for .NET supports HLASM syntax and emulates the data types and behaviour of the original language, allowing to port, maintain and interactively debug legacy mainframe assembler code under .NET.



When: February 3rd: 11am (UTC-5) – 5pm (UTC+1)