When migrating Mainframe to .NET, reduce dependancy of COBOL & allow

cost-less new developments

At Microsoft Inspire, Raincode releases the community edition version 3.0 of its free to use COBOL Compiler: a major upgrade for this exceptional product downloaded over 11’000 times and counting. It is de facto the industry standard COBOL compiler when corporations migrate IBM mainframe legacy code to the .NET platform.

With Raincode COBOL Compiler new developments in C# are facilitated and the cost of licences for COBOL is no longer a burden. One knows that development of new products in C# is painless; aside from it being easy to find developers with those skills.

The Standard COBOL Compiler improvements are:

       • Visual Studio® 2017 support
       • Reduced memory footprint to debug even the largest COBOL program
       • A renewed CONCORD base debugger engine
       • Improved IntelliSense® support
       • EBCDIC support for a seamless port of mainframe systems
       • Support of all major IBM’s COBOL dialects
       • DB/2 SQL Statements converted at compile time into equivalent SQL Server statements
       • SQL runtime optimisation
       • High performance file handler to support porting the most demanding VSAM applications
       • Revamped HTML-based documentation
       • Built-in CICS compilation capability

Finally, the Standard COBOL Compiler proves to be totally interoperable with the Raincode ASM370 compiler for a risk free migration to .NET. and gives a helping hand to corporations towards I.T. modernization.

Download It Now Free of Charge: download-raincode-cobol-compiler