The Philosophy

  • Never change the existing code if you can avoid doing so

  • Don’t change the user look and feel of existing programs when migrating

  • Develop new functionnality in a modern language

  • Guarantee 99. 99% availability for business critical applications thanks to staged migration and reversibility

Why should your code compile « as is » in .NET, or Azure?

The single source dogma

What we do at Raincode aims at letting your existing source code in COBOL, PL/I and ASM 370 run indifferently on the mainframe or in the .NET environment.

Allowing for evolution

The migrated system executes on .NET with a superior level of functionality and any new modules written in C# or VB.NET interact gracefully with the legacy code, calling or being called transparently by COBOL, PL/I or ASM 370 programs.

Support for incremental migration

We support the capability of sharing a mainframe DB2 database allowing migrated applications to coexist and share data with the ones still running on the mainframe. Migrating transactions and batch jobs incrementally is safer.

Integration of CICS

The Raincode CICS emulator allows you to move your CICS® or IMS/TM® applications to a cheaper, more agile, more versatile system in .NET or Azure. The migrated system scales better, and QIX even allows you to deploy new transactions written in C# or VB.NET.


Raincode provides top-notch compilers, programming language analysis and legacy modernization tools.

Raincode’s technologies come with a track record of cost-effective migration projects, delivering flexibility and agility to your legacy system.