Raincode v4 compilers are here, and if you are not excited about them, you should be!

We have made a lot of changes since v3—changes that will improve the performance of your migrated applications, increase developer productivity, and ensure the success of your modernization project.

But don’t take our word for it…


Download our v4 COBOL compiler absolutely FREE and see for yourself!

Download the Raincode COBOL Compiler for FREE

What’s new in v4

Refactored Visual Studio plugin

Manage your legacy portfolio with ease and convenience in Microsoft Visual Studio ®!  Our newly refactored plugin supports Visual Studio ® 2017 and includes IntelliSense and debugger integration, as well as a new streamlined project file structure to maximize productivity.

Optimized performance

We reviewed our compilers from top to bottom to figure out how to squeeze every ounce of performance out of them! Our v4 compilers have been completely optimized, and are faster, better, and more effective than ever before.

Streamlined data alignment

More accurate and more complete data alignment means greatly expanded off-the-shelf functionality—even the most intricate mainframe data files can be read with no change.  Our v4 compilers can handle more data types and support more alignment cases, which translates to more transparent deployment and shorter project times!

More accurate IBM runtime emulation

Our v4 compilers accurately reproduce mainframe behavior down to minute idiosyncrasies, including documented bugs in some versions of IBM compilers to ensure that your code can be ported with the same guaranteed behavior!

Refactored CICS API

We’ve completely refactored the CICS API in our v4 compilers to improve compile-time validation of CICS instructions and ensure consistent support across COBOL, PL/I, and ASM, while taking into account the differences in behavior between CICS integration in these languages.

Refactored I/O layer

We’ve rebuilt the I/O layer in our v4 compilers, allowing for C# code to interact directly with legacy data files, so that new applications can share information with your legacy code through a consistent and shared persistence layer.

.NET Core support

.NET Core is the Microsoft-sponsored, open source, platform agnostic implementation of the .NET Framework with a rapidly growing developer base.  In short, it’s the future of the .NET ecosystem, and even more so for server-based processing.   With our v4 compilers you can leverage .NET Core, run your legacy applications on Linux, in Docker, supervised by Kubernetes and bring your legacy applications into the 21st century!

User-defined compilation hooks

We’ve added new compilation hooks to our compilers that allow you to customize them, include additional user-defined processing to the various phases of the compilation process, post-process generated SQL statements or generated stored procedures, and more. However unique your compilation needs might be, we have you covered!

Want to know more about our compilers?

The only industrial standard COBOL compiler for .NET and .NET Core. Runs your IBM legacy code on .NET or .NET Core

The Raincode PL/I Compiler for .NET and .NET Core support IBM mainframe syntax, data types and behavior

Raincode ASM370

The Raincode ASM370 compiler allows you to port, maintain and even debug your assembler code on .NET and .NET Core environment

Download the Raincode COBOL Compiler for FREE