For mainframe to Kubernetes deployment, the time is now.   

Does Raincode support deployment to Docker and Kubernetes?

The simple answer?  Yes!  We replatform mainframe workloads to Docker and Kubernetes so that they execute on Azure or any cloud.  But how?

Migration, not transformation

Our compilers are designed to migrate COBOL, PL/I, HLASM, JCL, CICS without transformation as consistent sets of workloads. Each set is then deployed in Kubernetes with the needed Docker containers and respective data.

Fully automated: from container generation to the pipeline

After recompiling COBOL, PL/I, or HLASM code “as is” in Microsoft Visual Studio, a set of automatically identified mainframe workloads, programs and related data, are processed by a CI/CD pipeline (e.g. on Azure DevOps) using Docker images provided by Raincode that contain the compilers and associated runtimes.  The innovative use of metadata generated by the Raincode compilers and JCL emulator has enabled us to automate Docker image production to its fullest extent.  The resulting images are then pushed to a container registry (e.g. Azure Container Registry), where they can be accessed by a Kubernetes cluster.