Cloud Native Mainframe Modernization with Raincode  

Which Raincode products are cloud native? All of them.

Raincode develops cutting-edge tools and services that help you modernize your legacy systems while maintaining high availability and retaining your valuable business logic. We provide compilers, programming language analysis, legacy modernization tools, and emulators to help our clients and partners to experience the full benefit of the modern, low-cost and high-performance cloud native platforms.

Example of cloud native architecture with Raincode

COBOL to JCL: all the bases covered

The Raincode COBOL, PL/I, and ASM370 compilers allow the existing legacy code base to be recompiled, containerized, and deployed on the cloud.

The Raincode CICS emulator is not only designed to run CICS applications on the cloud, but also to create a more agile and versatile environment. Our CICS emulator allows our clients to develop new transactions in C#, VB.NET, or any .NET compatible language;

For qualifying workloads, the Raincode compilers allow for the deployment of CICS systems on a lightweight infrastructure without using an emulator, thereby reducing cost and improving performance and scalability.

Raincode Sort is available as both a standalone utility, emulating the behavior of the mainframe DFSORT program, and as the implementation behind sorting in Raincode-supported legacy languages.

JCL-based batch processes can be handled with the Raincode JCL Interpreter, handling JCL as a full-featured programming language. These batch processes can be deployed as workloads in Docker containers on Kubernetes, allowing you to increase the speed and performance of your mainframe batch processes!

Unleash your batch in Kubernetes

For the last 20 years, we’ve been helping mainframe-based organizations modernize their legacy systems and stay ahead of the digital transformation curve.

The fastest and easiest way to reduce mainframe OpEx is to execute your batch processes in the cloud.