Taking Your Data to the Cloud  

Your mainframe applications are only part of what you need to take to the cloud

Handling databases is a crucial part of your modernization project. To ensure a successful migration to the cloud, you need the right tools and expertise. Raincode products are designed support a wide range of post-migration database configurations with an emphasis on maintaining the functionality and performance of the migrated system.

Compile-time transformation means no runtime performance impact

We support SQLServer and DB2 through DB2Connect and Microsoft’s HIS with PostgreSQL support currently in development. This allows our clients to run existing code on their target database, without any changes. Since this is a transformation at compile-time, there is no runtime performance impact. The resulting code is as fast as if it had been adjusted manually for SQL dialect differences.

If the system makes extensive use of stored procedures, remaining under DB2 may be the preferred option. Otherwise, moving to a homogeneous Microsoft stack (including SQLServer) is the preferred solution.

Unleash your batch in Kubernetes

For the last 20 years, we’ve been helping mainframe-based organizations modernize their legacy systems and stay ahead of the digital transformation curve.

The fastest and easiest way to reduce mainframe OpEx is to execute your batch processes in the cloud.