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About Us


  • Rue de la Caserne, 45
    1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

  • +32 2 522 06 63


  • 13245 Atlantic Boulevard
    Suite 4-263 Jacksonville, FL-32225

  • +1 412 552 8207

We have been creating IT solutions for 18 years to modernize legacy systems & allow them to be independent of any proprietary environment.

Legacy compilers, what we believe…

Having a COBOL or a PL/I past shouldn’t force you to build more COBOL and PL/I code forever. With a modern compiler for obsolescent languages, you can take your applications off of the mainframe, run on a Windows platform and develop new programs seamlessly in C# in an integrated Visual Studio environment.

With our technologies, none of the mainframe’s pitfalls, like CICS, DB2 or JCL, can prevent you from migrating to a .NET core.

Migration Projects

Migration projects are more than IT business as usual, as they can be disruptive, complex and risky to ongoing operations. We go beyond delivering a set of tools to do the job. We leverage your existing team and delivery partners to turn your modernization project into a successful migration.