What do we do at Raincode?


We know that COBOL, PL/I, HLASM, CICS, IMS were already legacy back in 1993, that’s why we’re here to bring your legacy in the 21st century.



Darius Blasband
CEO Raincode

Sounds like a plan…

Founded by Darius Blasband alongside his two partners Alain Corchia and Juan Diez Perez in 1999, Raincode has provided compilers and tools to modernize legacy systems for over 20 years, with a strong focus on the mainframe as the obsolete platform par excellence.

Everybody in this trade has used a compiler at least once. Anyone with some academic background in computer science has been exposed to the underlying theory. But how compilers are designed in the real world is closer to black magic than to industry-accepted standard processes and techniques.

Having a COBOL or PL/I past should not force you to endlessly build more and more COBOL or PL/I code. With the use of a modern compiler for obsolescent languages, you can finally take your applications off the mainframe and run them on a Windows or Linux platform in a cloud-native environment. Through this migration process you are then able to benefit from the latest technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, AKS, and dapr.

Since no two mainframe migrations are the same, Raincode does not enforce a reference architecture. We support a large variety of deployment options. We do not force our customers into a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Although technologies such as CICS, IMS, Assembler, CA-DATACOM, DB2 or JCL may have prevented you from migrating to a modern platform before, they will no longer keep you tied to your mainframe. Raincode provides migration solutions for these technologies, so that your legacy mainframe applications can run unmodified on open systems.Migration projects are more complex than your usual IT bread and butter. They can be incredibly disruptive, complex, and risky to ongoing operations. To mitigate this risk, we go beyond just delivering the tools to do the job; we leverage your existing team and partners to turn your modernization project into a successful migration.

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