How a disruptive technology in .NET compilers saves on a mainframe bill ?

The Philosophy Never change the existing code if you can avoid doing so Don’t change the user look and feel of existing programs when migrating Develop new functionnality in a modern language Guarantee 99. 99% availability for business critical applications thanks to staged migration and reversibility Why should [...]

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How to move huge mainframe transactional workloads to Azure and .NET

To achieve this, you must make sure that: The same source code runs on the mainframe and on Azure You have an ASM370 compiler on Azure Your user interfaces are externalised (.NET or Java) and rely on CICS transactions for the business logic You can modernize the code to C# [...]

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Presenting the Raincode Stack in Frankfurt

    Last week, we had the opportunity to present the Raincode Stack in Frankfurt . You will see in the presentation below that we aimed to focus on the key issues of legacy modernization:   […]

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Meet the Raincode QIX, the CICS Emulator for Windows

What will help you dealing with your CICS screens during a COBOL or a PL/I migration? Let's meet the ideal companion of the PL/I and the COBOL compilers: the Raincode QIX, the CICS emulator. Raincode QIX completes perfectly the Legacy Compilers, when CICS comes into the picture. It supports PL/I, COBOL C# and any other .NET [...]

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Why Is It So Difficult to Migrate Legacy Programs?

  Between the 70s and the 90s, almost all programmers used to develop the business logic in COBOL, assure the data persistence in DB2 and rely on CICS to process transactions. Therefore looking to migrate legacy COBOL is a dead end, you don’t have a set of COBOL programs, you have a complex set made [...]

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In Action: The Raincode Stress Tester

  When rehosting a CICS application, you want to ensure that the target platform delivers the required level of performance, in the form of acceptable response times for realistic number of simultaneous users operating similarly realistic workloads. […]

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