Can I run my CICS transactions on the cloud?


Using Raincode QIX our CICS Emulator, your CICS transactions will run exactly as they did on the mainframe, but now in an endlessly scalable cloud environment

Key features of Raincode QIX

Dynamically addition of processing servers for elasticity
Cross-platform support
Comprehensive and extensible coverage of CICS verbs
Seamless integration with Raincode’s COBOL, ASM370 & PL/I compilers
Full support for 3270 terminal clients
Runs atop Microsoft SQL Server
Support for transient data and temporary storage queues
CICS program debugging through Raincode’s Visual Studio© plugin

Take your CICS transactions higher with Raincode QIX: CICS Emulator

Raincode QIX: CICS Emulator offers endless scalability in the cloud for your CICS transactions

Raincode QIX is a CICS emulator created specifically for Microsoft .NET and Azure platforms. It is a fast and efficient way to run your CICS applications on a cloud platform, allowing your system to grow, evolve and become more versatile.

Using Raincode QIX you are able to develop new CICS transactions in C#, VB.NET and other .NET languages, modernizing your mainframe applications, integrating them into the .NET and Azure platforms gives them a new life off the mainframe.

The Raincode QIX is .NET native, meaning it is created specifically for the .NET platform, so your CICS system will integrate smoothly when on the cloud. It also allows for the development of your COBOL and PL/I applications and offers support for COBOL, PL/I, HLASM and C#.

When using the Raincode QIX emulator you are provided with a CICS environment that gives you the opportunity to endlessly scale your CICS applications in a distributed architecture, so you are no longer tied to your mainframe. You can free your mainframe batch transactions from their technical restraints, meaning you have the capability to run batch transactions at any given time without time restrictions. This allows you to not only migrate your mainframe CICS applications and transactions to a cloud platform, but it gives you the facility to modernize and endlessly scale your architecture.

In addition, Raincode QIX emulator also offers support for dynamically added processing servers and integrated support for PL/I, COBOL and C#. Raincode QIX combines perfectly with the Raincode IMSql, COBOL, PL/I, ASM370 Compilers, offering you the smoothest and most integrated migration experience for your mainframe modernization. Raincode QIX is not just another way to run your CICS applications on a cheaper but equally inflexible and restricted platform, it offers you a much more agile and adaptable environment to scale and modernize your mainframe, finally bringing it up to date with modern technologies.