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Stop getting squeezed by COBOL licensing and auditing!
Other providers lock you into their ecosystem with proprietary extensions and charge high prices for maintenance and runtime fees.
Why pay millions in license fees for software YOU wrote decades ago?
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Break free from technical dependencies, Raincode will help you remove proprietary COBOL extensions and take control of your portfolio.
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Compile your COBOL applications on Linux Red Hat or CentOS version 7 or higher and take advantage of its rich, open source ecosystem.

Package your business-critical applications in standalone Docker containers, ideal for deployment on a virtual machine.

Compile your COBOL applications on Microsoft .NET Core and revolutionize your software development.

Compile your COBOL applications directly on Azure and leverage Microsoft’s PaaS or IaaS models to optimize deployment.

Automate the management of your containerized COBOL applications and move your workloads where it matters most with Kubernetes.

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