How can I migrate my COBOL applications to the cloud?  


The Raincode COBOL compiler gives you the facility to migrate your COBOL applications to a cloud platform, allowing you to modernize and develop your COBOL code.

Key features of the Raincode COBOL Compiler

Native support for SQL and CICS

MS Visual Studio© 2022 plugin including debugging support
Seamless integration with the Raincode PL/I and ASM370 compilers
Generates thread-safe managed code for .NET 6
Native EBCDIC support
Full support for the IBM mainframe COBOL dialect
Compilation repository for portfolio assessment
Enables new development in C#, VB.NET and other .NET languages

Want to give your COBOL applications a new life off the mainframe?

Look no further than the Raincode COBOL Compiler

The Raincode COBOL compiler is designed to support the IBM mainframe COBOL syntax, its data types and behaviors, so that your existing code can be recompiled and used as is, with no changes whatsoever. It supports EBCDIC mode, where all the internal computations are performed on a representation that is bitwise equivalent with the mainframe’s.

The Raincode COBOL Compiler comes equipped with a Microsoft Visual Studio© plugin which provides you with a comfortable and productive development environment. It features a debugger, color coding, unit testing, version control, project management and a choice among thousands of existing extensions to further customize your IDE.

The Raincode COBOL compiler supports embedded SQL and CICS statements natively, without requiring a precompilation step in your compilation process. Your source code can then be debugged in its original form in Microsoft Visual Studio© or in Visual Studio Code, rather than having to deal with the output of a precompiler.

The Raincode COBOL Compiler brings your code into the 21st century. It allows you to modernize, maintain and further develop your legacy code, generating fully interoperable thread-safe 100% managed code for .NET 6. It allows new developments in C# or any other .NET language to be smoothly integrated into your legacy code.

No one should be forced to write a single line of new COBOL code in our current era. With the Raincode COBOL Compiler Visual Studio® plugin, you are provided with a platform where COBOL and C# can interact gracefully, where new functionality is developed in C# whilst COBOL can still be used for maintenance.

The Raincode COBOL compiler supports embedded SQL statements which can be executed against DB2 either dynamically or using static binding using Microsoft Host Integration Server or IBM DB2 Connect. Alternatively, you can also target Microsoft SQL Server, in which case a compile-time translation facility will convert your SQL statements from the DB2 SQL dialect onto the SQL Server dialect. This allows for the smooth migration of your application even though it now targets an entirely different database engine.

The Raincode COBOL Compiler can also populate a repository for statistics and portfolio analysis tasks.

The Raincode COBOL Compiler is an innovative and modern solution which supports mainframe COBOL syntax and seamlessly emulates their data types and behaviour, giving you the facility to take your COBOL syntax and correctly replatform it to the cloud.

The Raincode COBOL compiler integrates seamlessly with the Raincode PL/I and Raincode ASM370 compilers to ensure your mainframe migration runs as smoothly as possible.