Want to test your COBOL code in the cloud?

Download the FREE Raincode COBOL compiler today

The free Raincode COBOL Compiler is available to download for you to easily test your COBOL code. Whether you are still on the fence about modernization, or you just want to learn and play around with your COBOL code, it is a great way to step into the unknown and test out some of your COBOL code without making any financial commitments
The free Raincode COBOL Compiler is designed to support IBM mainframe COBOL syntax, data types and behavior. It will give you a better understanding of your COBOL code and how it will run when migrated to a cloud native environment. The free Raincode COBOL Compiler is perfect for those who want to learn how their COBOL code can interact with C#, F# or VB.NET. It is designed to open a whole new world of opportunities for developers.

The free Raincode COBOL Compiler gives you a noncommittal test environment, offering you the facility to learn how to develop in COBOL or how to replatform mainframe COBOL syntax to Windows or Linux, thanks to .NET 6. C# and COBOL interact harmoniously on .NET 6. This gives younger developers not only the chance to use and compile existing COBOL code, but also the facility to modernize the legacy code in C#. It comes equipped with the Raincode plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio©, this feature gives you the facility to develop your legacy code in a modern language.

The free Raincode COBOL Compiler does not come with a time limit. You have the freedom to play, explore and develop COBOL code for as long as you need it. We do not offer any support, guarantee or service with this free download. However, if you are satisfied with the results of the free Raincode COBOL Compiler, you have the freedom to contact Raincode for more information on purchasing support licenses for use. Download the FREE Raincode COBOL Compiler today to get a taste for your COBOL code in a cloud native environment..