What will happen to my JCL statements when I migrate? 


Using our JCL interpreter – Raincode JCL, all of your JCL statements will execute exactly as they would when still running on the mainframe


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Key features of Raincode JCL

MS Visual Studio© plugin and integration with C# and .NET languages
Comprehensive and extensible coverage of mainframe utilities 
Populates a repository for statistics and portfolio analysis tasks 
Runs code compiled by the Raincode COBOL, PL/I, and ASM370 compilers
Azure ready
EBCDIC support
Full catalog support
Support for Control-M’s Autoedit extensions

Searching for a JCL interpreter for a smooth transition to Azure?

Your mainframe operations can’t run without JCL. Look no further, give your JCL a second life in the cloud with Raincode JCL

Raincode JCL is a JCL interpreter compatible with z/OS JCL. The Raincode JCL interpreter makes the transition of the intricate business logic embedded into JCL to Azure and .NET 6 platforms as smooth and painless as possible. Raincode JCL is designed to run code that has been compiled by the Raincode COBOL, PL/I and ASM370 compilers and it can easily run steps written in virtually any language. It has the facility to be configured and fine-tuned with user-written code, so it can be easily adapted to your own necessities for batch scheduling.

The Raincode JCL interpreter is equipped with replacements for many utilities such as DFSORT, IDCAMS, IEBGENER, etc. DFSORT is a standard utility that is run from JCL, which is vital for your sort operations. Raincode JCL uses the JCL file with your DFSORT program control statements to run your job. With our sort implementation for .NET 6 embedded in Raincode JCL, we orchestrate the process, informing the system when, where and how it needs to sort.

The Raincode JCL interpreter offers integrated support for a repository database. It gathers all information regarding the JCL code for statistics and portfolio analysis tasks. It also offers support for a scan mode for JCL validation without physically executing steps.

The Raincode JCL interpreter includes efficient locking using native APIs. This system is lighter and faster than using a database as a lock server, resulting in overall higher efficiency.

The Raincode JCL interpreter offers integrated support for Control-M’s Autoedit extensions, adding a new level to your batch scheduling. Raincode JCL also comes with a versatile parser generator, which offers the platform and facility for convenient development of additional utilities if necessary.