Raincode compilers go to Linux!

The only industrial standard COBOL compiler for .NET Core. Runs your IBM legacy code on .NET Core

The Raincode PL/I Compiler for .NET Core support IBM mainframe syntax, data types and behavior

The Raincode ASM370 compiler for .NET Core allows you to port, maintain and debug your assembler code on .NET Core.

Raincode compilers can now target Linux thanks to .NET Core, introduced and actively promoted by Microsoft. This is the evolution of our existing compilers that have been extensively tested and optimized.


  • Covers all the idiosyncrasies of the languages, to be as compliant as possible with the behavior on the mainframe (Data types, etc.)

  • Generates thread-safe, 100% managed code for .NET Core version 2.0 and beyond.

  • Natively supports SQL and CICS®. The source code debugged is identical to the source being maintained rather than the output of a pre-processor.

  • Includes Visual Studio® plugin 2015 & 2017, featuring a debugger, compiler configuration, color coding, code folding, and project management.

  • Supports all COBOL data types, with mainframe memory representation.

  • Integrates PL/I, COBOL, ASM370 and C# code seamlessly.

  • Populates a repository for call graphs, statistics, and other portfolio analysis tasks.

  • Supports static or dynamic SQL.

  • Supports EBCDIC.

  • Deployable using Docker containers.

  • Linux and Windows cross-platform builds.