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Alex Huart

Chief Evangelist Officer and Senior Mainframe Analyst

Senior consultant for top firms such as Microsoft and Compaq (now owned by HP).  Years of experience educating businesses and consumers about the benefits and functionalities of the latest hardware and software solutions.

Currently focused on helping businesses decide how to transform and modernize their legacy mainframe systems and bring them up to speed with the demands of 21st century business, i.e. cloud, A.I. , Graph, and 5G mobile technologies.

I’m a dedicated optimist.
My passion is to turn the complex problem of your legacy mainframe into a simple, understandable, action oriented solution.


Advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior are forcing businesses to take a closer look at their critical systems and begin thinking about the best way to optimize, reduce operating costs, and remain relevant and competitive in rapidly growing, tech-driven markets.

One of our primary missions at Raincode is to provide businesses with highly technical solutions to the problem of their aging legacy mainframe applications, providing the same stability, availability, and performance that they enjoy on their mainframe, while opening the door to the exciting future of A.I., Cloud, and mobile technologies which are shaping the way businesses operate.

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The mainframe runs today’s business world, and this is no surprise. As a fixture for the last 65 years in the industries that form the basis of economies around the world, the mainframe is known for being reliable, available, and secure. It simply works.

And if it isn’t broken then why bother trying to fix it, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and businesses that use the mainframe are running up against technical challenges brought on by the mainframe’s difficulty in adapting to emerging technologies and changing consumer behavior.

In short, the future is now, and a system designed for business transactions of the past is running up against 21st century technological innovation.


New technologies are driving business and changing consumer behavior.

Companies are in a race to continually improve customer experience, augmenting and adding functionalities, and integrating cutting-edge technologies like A.I, Cloud, Graph, and 5G, which will become standard in the next 5 to 10 years.

Today’s mainframe technology wasn’t built with these technologies in mind, and accommodating the large increases in mainframe transactions comes at a great cost.

Meanwhile, the next generation of developers are trained for these new technologies, and working with old legacy mainframe code doesn’t interest them.  Most organizations realize that their systems need a major overhaul, but they’re not sure what their options are.



It might take years to completely rewrite the millions of lines of code that make up your mainframe applications in a modern language, and even then you might never recover all of the functionality of your legacy applications.


In cases where applications are numerous and the code complex, translation has a very high chance of failing critically.


Compilation allows you to retain the structure and functionality of your legacy applications, while enabling you to develop for the future in more modern languages such as C#.


Rehosting on another infrastructure is supposed to save you time and money, but the hidden costs related to labor, maintenance, and licensing could make it more costly than retaining your original infrastructure.


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