How can I modernize my PL/I? 

Using the Raincode PL/I compiler, migrating your PL/I to a cloud platform becomes simple, and gives you endless opportunities to modernize your PL/I.

Key features of the Raincode PL/I Compiler

MS Visual Studio© plug-in 

Comprehensive coverage of a PL/I production compiler

Seamless integration with the Raincode COBOL and ASM370 compilers 
Full PL/I pre-processor including CICS and DB2 statements 
Native EBCDIC support 
Proven in production
Full support for PL/I conditions with accurate behaviour 
Grammatical tolerances to handle loosely formed PL/I code 

Modernize your IBM PL/I with the Raincode PL/I Compiler

The Raincode PL/I Compiler gives you the facility to rehost your PL/I code in Azure

The Raincode PL/I Compiler is a legacy compiler specifically designed for the .NET 6 platform to modernize your PL/I code. It supports all types of mainframe PL/I syntax, data types and behaviour. Therefore, the Raincode PL/I Compiler in combination with the Microsoft Visual Studio© plug-in allows for a comfortable and productive development environment, where you have the freedom to maintain, develop and modernize your PL/I code, generating fully interoperable thread-safe 100% managed code for .NET 6. This then allows you to make new developments to your legacy, in a modern language such as C# without making any changes to your source code.

The Raincode PL/I Compiler aims to make your transition to the .NET6 platform as simple as possible. Because accurate mainframe emulation is one of its most important features, this means it implements behaviour, which is derived from its original mainframe implementation and replicates the exact same behaviour, even when this contradicts the original language standard or its own documentation. All numeric types are bit-wise equivalent to their mainframe equivalents.

The Raincode PL/I generates thread-safe 100% managed Azure-ready code for .NET 6, in both 32- and 64-bit mode. To make your migration as simple as seamless as possible, it integrates seamlessly with the Raincode COBOL and ASM370 Compilers.

Engrained within the Raincode PL/I Compiler there is a full PL/I pre-processor which interprets a subset of the PL/I language. The Raincode PL/I Compiler also includes grammatical tolerances which allows the compiler to understand loosely formed PL/I code which is supported by mainframe-based compilers. It therefore also supports all PL/I conditions with accurate behaviour.

The Raincode PL/I offers support for static or dynamic SQL which targets DB2 through Microsoft’s Host Integration Server. Alternatively, you can target SQLServer in which case a compile-time translation facility will convert your SQL statements from the DB2 SQL dialect onto the SQLServer SQL dialect. It also offers native EBCDIC support, and all of your EBCDIC data is stored in Microsoft SQL. The Raincode PL/I Compiler also populates a repository for statistics and portfolio analysis tasks. It supports advanced PL/I constructs including self-modifying code and embedded CICS statements and comprehensive coverage of macros.

The Raincode PL/I Compiler is an innovative and modern solution which supports mainframe PL/I syntax and seamlessly emulates their data types and behaviour, giving you the facility to take your PL/I syntax and correctly replatform it to the cloud.