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mBank chooses Raincode to support the rehosting of its COBOL applications to the .NET platform

mBank chooses Raincode, the specialist of the Mainframe migration, to rehost their mainframe COBOL applications to the .NET platform

mBank, the 3rd largest retail bank in Poland, runs a mainframe, together with a large customized developed system written in COBOL, using DB2 for the database. To reduce cost, improve flexibility and extend this systems’ lifetime, mBank started a rehosting project aimed at moving Accenture’s Altamira to Microsoft’s .NET platform.

After a detailed analysis of the existing solutions available in the market, mBank has selected the Raincode COBOL compiler to be the most suitable for the project. This compiler greatly simplifies the rehosting project, since a great part of the system can be moved as is, reducing the risks involved in any rewriting or large scale transformation approach. The Raincode COBOL compiler also supports the database’s migration.

Raincode’s motto: “Never change the existing code.” The modernization of the application platform occurs without changing the original code. The Raincode stack provides an environment for mainframe COBOL, PL/I and CICS applications on Microsoft’s .NET platform using compilers and emulators.

In addition to these products, Raincode provides mBank with expert services, to ease the use, installation, and integration of the Raincode tools. The Liaison Officer, who assists in the migration project, providing extensive experience in the field. The Liaison Officer works full time at mBank’s premises, allowing any issue encountered to be fixed or dispatched more quickly and thoroughly. The modernization project will last 2 to 3 years.

Darius Blasband, Raincode CEO: “Our goal is to provide more than rehosting alone: getting out of the mainframe should only be the first step, allowing the migrated application to evolve and take advantage of all that is available in a more modern environment. We make sure the rehosting process of mBank’s applications does not act as a tar pit. New components can be written in any modern language and integrated seamlessly into the legacy system”.

Michał Niedźwiecki, Product Manager of Replatforming, mBank: “The Raincode Stack has proven to be flexible and robust. It integrates smoothly into our environment for optimal interoperability. Numerous tests have addressed all pending questions and various databases connectivity. All have demonstrated the quality and thoroughness of the solution.

Krzysztof Dabrowski, CIO and CTO, mBank: “What is definitely an asset, is that we can count on a Raincode Liaison Officer on mBank premises, an engineer with deep knowledge of compilation and direct links to the compiler development team. It accelerated the whole migration“.

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