Project Description

Mergilent Successfully Rehosted Applications on .NET Platform with the Raincode COBOL Compiler

Property Development Software provider, Mergilent, has migrated without support all its software modules to run on Microsoft .net environment using the Raincode COBOL compiler and its Visual Studio plug-in.

To migrate a software running on Mainframe, with CICS and VSAM, to a .NET environment with an SQL server database, Mergilent, an Australian Property Development Software provider evaluated the options on the market and after an extensive analysis opted for the Raincode Cobol Compiler for Windows. Mergilent rehosted the business logic in a .net environment, with all the front-end and back-end handling re-engineered and automatically generated by using in-house automated tools.

The original software developed by Mergilent, a tested and proven software that run for many years servicing some of the largest property developers in Australia, has been easily ported without support to Visual Studio .net environment thanks to the Raincode COBOL compiler for Windows and its Visual Studio plugin. The front end and back end handling was generated as classes and modules.

This provides unlimited capabilities for the re-hosted system to be extended and maintained within the .net environment using MS Visual Studio.

All future development can easily occur in an MS Visual Studio environment by using other programming languages such as and C#.

The next phase of the conversion is to make the application cloud-based, by converting the Microsoft forms to HTML based pages. Early tests conducted by Mergilent show that Raincode compiled code is easily called from HTML pages.

Armen Grigorian, Mergilent’s chief executive officer “Our company was looking for many years for innovative ways to improve services that provide value and minimise the maintenance costs on large software suite of modules originally developed in Cobol.

Darius Blasband, CEO of Raincode: “Mergilent’s project is totally on the Raincode compiler’s sweet spot: it is not about just executing COBOL code on Windows, it is about integrating it in a modern environment. We are very excited to see Mergilent and other companies around the world take advantage of the Raincode’s compilers to open their legacy for the future.

About Raincode

Raincode is a leading supplier of programming language analysis and transformation tools for numerous markets, including software metrics, quality control, coding guidelines enforcement and migrations. Raincode is based in Brussels, Belgium.

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