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Raincode and GT Software’s tools become interoperable to facilitate mainframe migration

Raincode and GT Software have forged an alliance to make their respective software tools interoperable in an ongoing mainframe migration project being implemented by systems integration firm, Elektron. The project involves migrating TAKS, the Faroe Islands’ taxing authority, from its mainframe platform to Microsoft’s .NET platform and SQL Server database.

The new solution relies on technologies from both Raincode and GT Software:  Raincode’s PL/I compiler and CICS emulator deals with the program portfolio and transaction processing environment, while GT Software’s NeoBatch® solution runs the mainframe JCLs. The combination of these two toolsets allows Elektron to deliver this critical and complex migration project on time and within budget.

To ensure that the project proceeds as smoothly as possible, the separate toolsets have been made seamlessly interoperable, so that programs produced by the Raincode compilers (both PL/I and COBOL) can be run directly from within NeoBatch JCLs. The compiled programs now obtain the required information directly from the JCL they are called from (steps, files to refer to, etc.) to execute exactly as they do on the mainframe, thereby providing transparency and accuracy of the emulation. This integration is critical to the success of this migration project, as it reduces the integration phase and related costs by full orders of magnitude.

“Interoperability with NeoBatch has increased our value proposition,” says Darius Blasband, CEO of Raincode. “It allows us to target migrations with a serious JCL component with confidence, as our toolsets are now fully compatible.”

“The combination of our two technologies creates a solution to a challenge that has been overlooked in the mainframe migration marketplace (PL/I), which now can be addressed,” says Wilson Rains, VP, Global Alliances, GT Software.

About Raincode
Raincode (Brussels, Belgium) was founded in September 1998 and is privately owned. It is a leading supplier of programming language analysis and transformation tools for numerous markets, including compilation, software metrics, quality control, coding guidelines enforcement and migrations.

About GT Software
For more than 30 years GT Software has helped enterprise organizations align their IT infrastructure with business strategy by unifying business information across mainframe and emerging server platforms, data formats or programming languages. More than 2,500 organizations across the globe trust GT Software solutions to empower improved customer experiences, operational efficiency and innovation.

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