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The Raincode ASM370 compiler
for .NET and .NET Core

There have been solutions to rehost mainframe COBOL and PL/I code to more modern platforms for years, but ASM370 has always been a rough spot.That was before.

Now, the Raincode ASM370 compiler for .NET allows you to port, maintain and even debug your assembler code under .NET, just as you would with your COBOL and PL/I code.

It supports the mainframe Assembler 370 and HLASM® syntax accurately, and emulates its data types and behavior. Modules compiled by the Raincode ASM370 compiler integrate seamlessly with the Raincode COBOL and PL/I compilers.

  • Generated thread-safe code for .NET 4.5.1 and beyond in 32 or 64-bit mode, with a mainframe-compatible memory layout representation

  • Visual Studio plugin (Debugger, compiler configuration, color coding and project management)

  • Seamless integration with Raincode’s PL/I and COBOL compilers as well as with C# and VB.NET code

  • Azure-ready

  • Populate a repository for statistics and portfolio analysis tasks

  • EBCDIC support

  • Support for advanced assembler constructs, including self-modifying code

  • Comprehensive coverage of the macros

Download the SLE 2016 paper on Raincode ASM370

Raincode Assembler Compiler (Tool Demo)


Visual Studio Integration

The Raincode ASM370 Compiler supports mainframe COBOL syntax, data types and behavior. It provides developer productivity tools such as color coding and code folding, complete compiler integration and a COBOL or PL/I-aware debugger.

HLASM and Assembler 370 are IBM trademarks
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