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The Raincode CICS emulator for Microsoft .NET

Raincode CICS® is an emulator for .NET and Azure platforms. It is the ideal companion for the Raincode COBOL compiler and the Raincode PL/I compiler.

Raincode CICS isn’t another way to run your CICS® applications on a cheaper but equally inflexible platform. It allows you to evolve to a more agile, more versatile system. In addition to your existing COBOL and PL/I applications, CICS also allows you to develop new transactions in C# or VB.NET.

Raincode CICS is not the end of the story, it’s a step towards a more agile and integrated future.

  • Generated thread-safe code for .NET 4.5.1 and beyond in 32 or 64-bit mode, with a mainframe-compatible memory layout representation

  • Visual Studio plugin (Debugger, compiler configuration, color coding and project management)

  • Seamless integration with Raincode’s PL/I and COBOL compilers as well as with C# and VB.NET code

  • Azure-ready

  • Populate a repository for statistics and portfolio analysis tasks

  • EBCDIC support

  • Support for advanced assembler constructs, including self-modifying code

  • Comprehensive coverage of the macros

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Learn how to streamline your legacy code migration to .NET and understand the migration paths that apply to your applications’ portfolio. Reducing MIPS is the obvious company motivation while keeping reliability, availability and security is your mission.
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Raincode CICS, the ideal companion for Raincode Legacy Compilers

  • Resource locking

  • Queues (temporary and transient, mapped to MS Queues)

  • 3270 support (for use with all compatible terminal emulators)

  • CWA (with restrictions)

  • Conversational mode

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