RadaR: How to boost your mainframe apps in the cloud? 


Getting adequate performance when running rehosted batch applications in the cloud can be a challenge. The move from a centralized architecture to a distributed (cloud) environment induces network latencies that can be crippling if the application is excessively chatty (and many mainframe applications are).

RadaR solves this problem by running selected parts of batch jobs directly on the database server (the machine where MS SQL Server runs), so that even the chattiest application does not suffer from network latencies and can run with performance similar to or better than the mainframe’s.

Key features of Raincode RadaR

Delivers a performance improvement that range from 30% up to a factor of 10 in some cases!

Fully transparent: does not require any change to your application program or JCLs.

Available across the board for all Raincode products (COBOL, PL/I, Assembler compilers, and zTrieve).


Applicable to all channels addressing the database (Plain SQL, VSAMSql, and IMSql – the last two being even more important as they are naturally chatty).


Focus on security

The program runs on the database server, but not within the database process, to guarantee isolation and security.