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Where can I find all the tools to migrate my legacy in one place?

Right here! Raincode Metal contains the entire Raincode product suite featuring all the necessary tools to migrate your IBM mainframe legacy in one fell swoop.

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Everything in one place

Containing Raincode’s Legacy compilers, the Raincode Visual Studio© plugin, CICS, DB2 and IMS database integration and Raincode Insight. Raincode Studio offers you all the tools to migrate your IBM legacy to a cloud platform, in one place.

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Modernize your legacy

Maintain or enhance your COBOL, HLASM, PL/I in their respective language, or in any modern language supported in .NET 6 . Using our non-disruptive modernization strategy you can immediately enhance functionality whilst keeping the costs of your mainframe under control

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Azure based

Available to download instantly on the Azure marketplace. As you will be Azure based, you have the freedom to modernize your legacy code in an advanced environment

Raincode Metal

All the tools that you need to migrate a mainframe, in one place.

Raincode Metal is our Azure-based virtual machine which contains the entire Raincode product portfolio. It comes fully equipped with the COBOL, PL/I and Assembler compilers, the Visual Studio© plugin and the Raincode QIX (CICS emulator), Raincode Batch (JCL interpreter) and Raincode Insight (enterprise code analyzer). Raincode Metal is a workstation, designed to not only modernize your mainframe applications but also to make them cloud native. It does not contain any sample applications or sample data or databases of any kind, it is a blank slate containing all the tools to migrate your legacy, available for you to use as you best see fit for your mainframe modernization. Raincode Metal can be deployed through the Azure Marketplace.

The Raincode Legacy Compilers come readily available in Raincode Metal and allow mainframe applications to be migrated as is, rather than through a complex rewriting or translation process. Raincode QIX is a CICS emulator designed specifically for the .NET 6 and Azure platforms. It interacts gracefully with the Raincode Legacy Compilers.

Raincode Batch (JCL interpreter) is a collection of executables and libraries used to run your mainframe batch environment on .NET 6.

Raincode Insight is a data visualization and analysis tool based on Microsoft Power BI. It provides an interactive and creative dashboard for the Raincode Legacy Compilers artifacts repository.

Also included in Raincode Metal is Catalog Explorer and Record Editor. Catalog Explorer is a graphical user interface used for accessing the Raincode Batch Catalog. Catalog Explorer helps manage data sets of multiple types; File, PDS (Partitioned Data Set), and GDG (Generation Data Group). Record Editor is a GUI-based tool that allows you to view and edit file contents and view and modify certain metadata. It handles the record-based files and aims to let you work with data files as a sequence of records to provide mainframe-like functionality.

Installing each tool one by one can be difficult and time consuming. Raincode Metal frees you from this burden and allows you to install all of the necessary products in one fell swoop. It allows you to embark upon your migration project in a fully configured environment in a matter of minutes.

Upon deployment of Raincode Metal, you have the facility to enhance your COBOL and PL/I applications with C# or any other .NET 6 language in the comfort of the Visual Studio© environment. You can also develop your JCL batches and CIC transactions.

Raincode Metal offers the facility to migrate your mainframe in an advanced modern environment. There are many features and tools provided by the product suite that aid your development process. For example, when debugging, breakpoints can be set in the margin of COBOL or PL/I code in the same way as can be done in C#, values can be shown in a tooltip by simply hovering the mouse over a symbol to preview.